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A Team Real Estate Solutions is a family-owned business designed to offer people different “solutions” to sell their house rather than the traditional way, which can be complicated, have too many fees, and too many commissions attached to the sale. We take pride in helping our neighbors!  Let us help you today!  Please call (708)608-0420!

“Our goal is to help every homeowner, including you! You will be treated with respect & integrity the entire way!”

Meet the A Team! A Team Real Estate Solutions


I am the co-founder and Business Manager for A Team Real Estate Solutions.  I’ve always had a love for real estate, family-owned businesses, and helping out others.  I grew up in Northeast Wisconsin near the Menominee Indian Reservation where my parents owned and operated our family-owned logging business.  We logged trees for local companies and neighbors to use as lumber to build real estate.  We had times of struggle but always had faith and believed that things would be okay and they were.  These experiences have given me an understanding of what it’s like to have financial struggles and I understand and am more than willing to help others and give them hope too.

A few years after college, I decided to move to Chicago and fell in love with the diverse people, real estate and my husband.  We have two beautiful children, which motivates us, even more, to build a future while at the same time helping the wonderful people of Chicagoland! 

Overall, my diverse background, my wholesome roots, and my love for Chicagoland people have given me the motivation to help others by easing their financial burdens and helping them to also believe that everything will be okay.

……helping others is our passion!

Real estate was our origin but helping others is our passion!  We decided to take that passion, experience, and knowledge to ease the financial burden or stress of selling a home and create the best solution for any and all kinds of situations.  We strongly believe in building a trustworthy and positive environment for everyone!  Our goal is to help every homeowner, including you! You will be treated with respect & integrity the entire way!

Why Choose A Team Real Estate Solutions?

What you see is what you get with us. We are honest, fair, and reliable people who work hard. We want to help each and every homeowner including you!

Our Promise To You At A Team Real Estate Solutions

We commit to being fair, honest, and respectful with every interaction. We will act with integrity and never take advantage of a difficult situation. We will have a positive attitude and always do whatever it takes to arrive at a win-win for everyone.

We believe a person dealing with a difficult situation needs someone who can help. We promise to be there for you as we do our absolute best to truly be the solution to your real estate troubles.

Call A Team Real Estate Solutions Today! (708)608-0420

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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