How to Sell Your House to a Real Estate Investor in Chicago Illinois

It is very different to own a home today then it was say back in the 60’s

Family’s use to buy a home and spend many years if not the rest of their lives there.  Family’s would often buy homes in the same neighborhood to be close to one another and pass down the home to their children.

This is not so much the cash anymore and often you see family buying “starter homes.”  These are homes that the know they will sell in the future.  A starter home is meant to be just that, a start, not a finish.

Family’s will purchase these homes to save up for the home they really want.  But selling a home can be a frustrating time, and things do not always go as we hoped they would.

The housing market is constantly changing from buyers market to sellers market.  No one really knows when is the best time to buy or sell.  For most people life happens and we don’t base our buying or selling decisions solely on what the market is doing.

How To Sell Your House To An Investor in Chicago

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An alternative method to selling your property is to contact a company like A Team Real Estate Solutions, LLC There are companies like this that will give you a cash offer for your property and buy direct from you.

These independent investors typically purchase homes, repair them, and then use them to generate income; either as rental units or sell them for a profit. Chicago has numerous reputable and trusted real estate investors who will help you sell your home quickly.

Selling your house to an investor is pretty simple.

You provide the company with information about your home and situation

The investor will take into account necessary repairs needed and make you a fair offer to purchase the property.  If you like the offer you close either at an attorneys office or title company on your schedule.  Many of these direct home buyers will also cover your closing costs.

How Quickly Can You Sell Your House To A Real Estate Investor?

Traditionally the process can move very quickly, sometimes closing in as little as 7 days.  Most of these direct home buyers will work off your schedule and close when it is best for you.

If you need to sell your Chicago home very quickly, with little hassle, selling to a Chicago real estate investor is a great option.

The Extra costs Of Waiting To Sell Your Chicago Property

Many people don’t consider the extra costs of holding on to a property.

Some of the extra cost of holding onto your property are obvious like mortgage payment, taxes, and insurance.  Most people don’t consider the the cost to get your property in “selling condition”  when listing with an agent.

The prices of homes fluctuate depending on what is going on in the world.  Covid19 is something that will have some impact on the housing market.  This article talks about if selling during a pandemic is a good idea.  Selling at a slight discount, you could potentially end up with a larger return in the long run.

Selling your home to a cash buyer you are potentially saving yourself from the headache of selling through more traditional means.  Many people to want to or don’t have the money to get their property in the condition it needs to be to get top dollar when selling.

A Team Real Estate Solutions is happy to go over all your options when selling your property to get you the best return.  We offer a no obligation, free quote to purchase your home.  If you like our offer we will cover all of your traditional closing costs and purchase your home as is.  That means no fixing or cleaning.

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