Got A House To Sell In Chicago? Here Are The Factors That Can Affect The Price


Chicago to some is known for its high property taxes, which can make selling a house a challenge. This makes some homeowners worry about their home’s value when they go to sell. When you’re thinking of selling your house in Chicago, there are a few things that can affect the price. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Property Taxes

Property taxes are one of the biggest factors affecting the price of a home in Chicago. The amount of tax you will pay depends on the assessed value of your home, and this can change from year to year. In addition, the accessors office may reassess your home’s value if there are improvements made to the property, such as a new addition or a finished basement.

The high property taxes in Chicago can discourage some buyers, but there are also tax benefits to owning a home here. The Homestead Exemption and the Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption can help lower your tax bill. And, if you’re a first-time homebuyer, you may be eligible for the Property Tax Credit.

Size of the House

The size of your house will affect how much it costs to heat and cool it, and also how much space you have for your belongings. A smaller house will usually be less expensive to maintain than a larger one, and it may be easier to keep clean. However, a bigger house will usually sell for more money.

Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a house will affect how spacious it feels, and also how convenient it is for families. A house with more bedrooms and bathrooms will usually sell for more money than a smaller one, but this isn’t always the case. It depends on the size of the rooms, the layout of the house, and the amenities in the neighbourhood.

Type of Neighbourhood

The type of neighbourhood you live in can affect your home’s value in a few different ways. If you live in a safe neighbourhood with good schools, your home can be worth more than if you live in an unsafe neighbourhood with poor schools. The amenities in the neighbourhood, such as parks, shopping, and restaurants, can also affect your home’s value.

The Condition of the Property

The condition of the property is another important factor to consider when selling your house in Chicago. If your house needs repairs or updating, it will be worth less than a comparable house that is in good condition. However, if you are willing to make the necessary repairs and updates, you may be able to sell your house for more money.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the condition of the property can affect how long it takes to sell the house. If your house needs a lot of work, it may take longer to find a buyer who is willing to pay your asking price.

Recent Trends in the Real Estate Market

The real estate market is constantly changing, and this can impact the value of your home. If prices in your neighbourhood have been rising, your home will usually be worth more than if they have been falling. Keeping up with current trends can help you determine the right time to sell your house and what price you can expect to get for it.  With that said, timing the market and attempting to sell at the top may not actually be as easy as it sounds.

The Economy in Chicago

The economy can also affect the value of your home and how long it takes to sell it. If the economy is doing well, more people will be looking to buy homes, and this can drive up prices. However, if the economy is struggling, fewer people will be able to afford a home, and this can lead to lower prices.

The Amount of Competition from Other Sellers

The number of houses on the market in your neighbourhood can also impact your home’s value. If there are a lot of houses for sale, buyers will have more options to choose from and they may be willing to pay less for your house. However, if there are few houses on the market, buyers may be willing to pay more for your house because they don’t have as many options.  Supply and demand that we learned about in grade school.

Your Motivation for Selling

Your motivation for selling can also affect the value of your home. If you need to sell quickly, you may be willing to accept a lower price. However, if you’re not in a hurry to sell, you may be able to wait for a higher offer.

The Closing Costs

The closing costs are the fees associated with selling your house, and they can vary depending on the type of sale you make. If you sell through a real estate agent, the agent’s commission will usually be added to the closing costs. For a cash sale, there may be fewer closing costs, but you will likely receive a lower price for your house.

When you’re selling your house in Chicago, it’s important to keep all of these factors in mind. By understanding how they can impact the value of your home, you can make sure you get the best possible price for it.

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