Can you sell your home if it needs repairs in Chicago

There are a million reasons why you would want to sell your house as is, no repairs. Maybe you don’t have to money to make the repairs but need to move. Maybe you are facing a time crunch like foreclosure, or maybe you just simply want to sell your house fast and do not want to make the repairs. Can you sell your home if it needs repairs? The simple answer is yes! You can sell your house as is without fixing or rehabbing anything.

home needs repairs

Sell As-Is

You can sell your house “as is” in ChicagoThat means that no repairs will be done on the property prior to selling and no credits will be given for the repairs that are needed to the home. When you do this your will very much limit the pool of protentional buyers for your home. This is because most buyers will be purchasing with bank financing and with that comes an appraisal and usually an inspection. Banks like to lend on homes that are move in ready and many lenders have stipulations stating that the house must meet minimum requirements before the loan can be closed. When selling a house that needs repairs you will find that buyers want a discount price. If they have to complete the work, they want to be compensated for it. You are always better off being as honest as possible about the condition of the property when selling to avoid any protentional legal trouble in the future.

Do The Repairs

I know this article is about selling a house that needs repairs and you don’t or can’t make the repairs yourself. However, another way and possibly a better way to sell your home that needs repairs is to complete the repairs your self. If you decide to go this route hiring a home inspector is a good idea. Knowing what to fix is paramount. Chances are your buyer is going to hire an inspector so focusing on what “needs” to be fixed vs what “could” be fixed/updated is priceless. If you want or need to sell your home for full market value then completing the repairs yourself may be your only option. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer…..buying a move in ready fully finished recently remodeled home vs the alternative. A home that needs a lot of work. If you decide to take on the project of updating the home on your own as a buyer you will not want to pay anywhere near retail.

Sell Direct to Investor

Fact is most buyers that not are going to opt for homes that are updated and move in ready. So make the repairs if you can right? Well there is also no guarantee that your home will sell just because you completed the repairs or that you will recoup your repair investment. Every situation is unique and you should weigh your options carefully. Quite possibly the easiest way to sell your home in Chicago that needs repairs is to sell direct to an investor. Professional home buyers like A Team Real Estate Solutions, LLC buy homes as is meaning no repairs or inspections. Direct home buyers can buy your home when you are ready to sell. Most of these companies will give you a no obligation quote. This is just another option when considering how to sell your home.

Because professional buyers, like A Team Real Estate Solutions, LLC, buy homes in “as-is” condition, you do not even need an inspection. With a fast closing date, usually within a week, and a guaranteed sale, professional buyers like A Team Real Estate Solutions, LLC help you solve your problems quickly. By making a direct sale to A Team Real Estate Solutions, LLC, you won’t need to worry about insultingly low offers. A Team Real Estate Solutions, LLC takes all the risks, letting you forget all about the concerns of disclosures, the headaches of showings, or losing time and money on making repairs.

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